Clients FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What time will the meal be delivered?

A: The meals are usually delivered between 10am – 12pm daily.

Q: What days do you deliver?

A: Blacktown Meals on Wheels delivers meals 4 days a week (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri) from our Blacktown office and (Mon & Fri) from our Mount Druitt office. Frozen meals for the weekend can be delivered on your last delivery day to cover weekend requirements.

Q: I go shopping / have appointments on some of these days so it doesn’t suit me to have meals delivered every day.

A: Our delivery options are flexible to suit individuals. If delivering a meal 5 days a week doesn’t suit you we can arrange to deliver all meals, frozen, once a week or split the delivery over 2 – 3 days.

Q: How do you heat the meals?

A: All meals come with detailed heating instructions on the packaging for both the microwave and oven.

Q: How much do meals cost?

A: Every effort is made to keep meals as affordable as possible, particularly as many of our clients are pensioners. The meals are provided at approximate production cost. The generosity of our volunteers, who give their time to help deliver the meals and drive the cars, means we are able to provide a vital service at an economical price.

Q: What portion size do the meals come in?

A: We have main meals which range from 300 grams to 400 grams per meal. We also have mini meals, which are a smaller portion size. They are between 200 grams to 300 grams.

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