Our Services

Our Services
 Mission statement:
“Healthy meals & social contact to support independent living”
Core Values:
Serving the Community
Striving for Excellence
Working Together
Leading by Example
Strategy Mission:
To increase community awareness, whilst still maintaining high quality nutritious meals both in Social Days and deliveries to clients in their homes.
Meals on Wheels have a place in the hearts and homes of Australians for over 50 years.

Home Delivered Meals
Blacktown Meals on Wheels offers clients and their carers a meal delivery service to assist our clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and their Independence.
Meals on Wheels delivers healthy meals to clients’ homes to ensure their nutritional requirements are being met and in turn provide clients with regular social contact. This enables people to continue to live in their own homes, where they are the most happiest.
We offer meals to suit a client’s personal requirement and can accommodate special dietary needs, cultural and taste preferences.
Our meals are purchased from a supplier and are delivered to your home between 10am to 12 noon, Monday to Friday.
Meals are then stored in the freezer and heated at your convenience, in a microwave or oven; all meals are clearly labeled with heating instructions.

Social Support
Blacktown Meals on Wheels also provides Social Days where you can enjoy a social outing with morning tea and a three-course meal and a fun filled day of activities, held at Blacktown and Riverstone.
Joining our Social Days is a great way to get out, meet new people and share in a day of laughter and activities including Bingo, Scrabble, Cards, Dominoes, Raffles and Lucky Door Prizes. Transport is available for all days
Held at Blacktown on Monday, Thursday & Friday
Held at Riverstone on 1st Monday of the Month
Social Days are also held for specific groups: -
Maltese Day 1st Tuesday of the month at Blacktown
Chinese Day 2nd Wednesday of the month at Blacktown
Filipino Day 4th Wednesday of the month at Blacktown

Outings are organised throughout the year at various locations and events across Sydney. Enjoy a day out along with a meal.